Birthday Central

Round here, we do things in bulk. It’s part of having a large family. Large boxes of cereal. Copious amounts of bananas. Grandios jugs oh peanut butter. Bread by the pallet. Ok, maybe not. But we do thinks in bulk. Including birthdays. This year, to celebrate The Man, Elijah, Layla Grace, and my brother George we opted to get retro and visit the ice cream shoppe. Think Taylor Doozy from Gilmore Girls and his snazzy throw back parlor. 

We put out every topping possible, got glass pop bottles of old timey soda pop, and framed old pictures of the birthday players and set them around some white twinkle lights. 

I found chalkboard labels and milk jugs complete with little cows on them from Michaels. Butterfingers crushed, pop rocks, pretzel bits, marshmallows, chocolate waffle cookies, tobasco chocolate, whoppers, cereal, brownies, cookie dough. You name it. We stuck it in  some ice cream. No fuss. No fuss. No crazy and overwhelming party. For entertainment, I put out some old scrapbooks for us to peruse. Best. We were all giggly and mellow. Did you know you can have a 12 and 13 year old’s birthday with 18 people in a small house and have mellow?
Try it people. 
Just don’t leave your phone sitting around.