Beautifully, I’m in Over My Head

Busy is the new fine. Have you noticed that? 

five years ago:
“How are you?”
Modern day:
“How are you?”
Why is this something? I’m ok, really, if the busy is something worthwhile. For instance, are you busy loving the city in which you live? Is it so busy because you are sewing clothes for the needy and don’t have a second to watch tv? Did you jam pack your calendar with out reach to your neighborhood school so you haven’t the time for sunning by the pool? 
Or is it more, “I’m so busy. I haven’t _____” fill in the blank with something vital like showering, spending time with Jesus, or dating your spouse. 
Sometimes busy and busy are as different as busy and fine. When you’re busy for Jesus, you get it when you read that Abraham got up early to obey. That Jesus got up early to pray. Joshua stood and faught all night- under the still sun. You get caught up in Jesus and his word and his plan and his work. You get this supernatural stamina and peace about you even when the busy collides with life. 

As I type, I’m in the questionable smelling cafeteria at the hospital. My mother is upstairs grumbling and irritated as Ms. Havisham at doctors and nurses wanting her blood and her consent to do surgery. She’s listing the ways she is too busy for surgery. 

Want to know the weird part? I started writing this blog yesterday. Before this was happening. But it doesn’t matter. Every day for each of us is seeming to look the same. It’s, “hurry hurry! Eat this delicious meal I prepared for you so we can get on to the movie!! We have to make the previews.” Then we sit for the previews and find that we keep checking our watch. “We need to get home and get to sleep; early soccer game!!” Gah. 

I’m not pointing out my mother because she’s behaving a certain way. I’m bringing her up because this is usual for each of us. All of us. 

And why shouldn’t we be? Busy loving. Busy caring. Busy paying 100% of our attention to whoever God puts before us and beside us and around us. As long as THAT is our long list of busy. We have a kropog of time here on this earth. I don’t want to waste a minute of it wrapped up in simply being busy.