Balancing Acts ain’t for Ninnies

I don’t know why it never occurred to me that I would still be a full time mother, with full time mother needs, dealings, responsibilities, handlings, and beeswax once I became a full time worker. I don’t mind working and earning my keep. And really, I LOVE teaching. So much. My husband and I both remark regularly how blessed we are to be in careers we love.

The problem is that if I am fully devoted to teaching, something at home tends to slip. Usually that is my husband, but only because he doesn’t get in my face and whine or act out irrationally when he isn’t cuddled enough. I appreciate this about him. Apparently some husbands are this way. Weird but true.

Anyway, tonight I interviewed for a position as a part time professor teaching English as a second language. It’s totally my bag. But as God typically does with my mouth, our conversation ended up sounding a lot less like her interviewing ME for this position of teaching and more like her interviewing me asking for parenting help.

I told her I would LOVE to teach four nights a week, alas, my priority is my family. She agreed that this is as it should be, and added, “How do you keep them priority with so many kids!?”

We discussed teenagers and compared her one to my nearly three. She clutched her chest in mock freak out at the though of more than one child. It wouldn’t make a difference in my house if we had one or five, or seven for that matter. God covers what we can’t as long as we are making the choices we need to in order to make family a priority.
I explained that this looks different in every house, but in ours it’s family dinners and being around to talk about nonsense when our kids have saved those purely nonsensical stories all day just to share them with me. “You are priority” looks like little notes to my family members, showing an interest in their accomplishments, and reenacting scenes from Mulan on video (only I sing off camera while Samuel moves his mouth in perfect timing) while we wait for dinner to cook.
“You are priority” reeks of balance. Everybody must have it. Every BODY must have it. Don’t let your teeter totter too far to the top while you chase after career goals and your perfect tan. Teach your children balance. Use your time to love others. Really. And pray for wisdom about balance. It’s no longer just an act in a circus.
Because I am baby stepping my way toward balance, I am fully prepared to celebrate my boy’s birthday tomorrow.

He’s 12. Or he will be in about 20 hours.