Our book club has begun. Officially. I love the atmosphere at Starbucks. My hazelnut latte wasn’t too bad either. The best part though was being there with my teen. She is cool and loves Jesus. People these days don’t tend to enjoy kids being involved in church activities that aren’t explicitly kid activities. It’s too much of a soup pot. No, church these days prefers segregated soup. So, in keeping with my wild thing side, and our mandate to disciple other generations, I invited teens.
She added plenty to the conversation, and even spoke some truth like a champ.

This week, for those of you who are joining us, we are reading the first five chapters. That is about 25 pages. Maybe less. Order your book on amazon now. Do it. Do it!

Our bookstores here have been bought right out. I know because I bought izzy the last one.

In a few days, I will post some interesting questions. I’d love to hear your answers to them. Meanwhile. Be blessed