Jennie Allen wrote a book that is jacking up my boundaries, my ease. I have spent a year in a job I have thoroughly enjoyed, but if I am honest, I haven’t loved everything else.

My house? Train wreck.

My kids? They could give Oscar the Grouch a run for his grumpy money.

My husband? I almost don’t recognize him, but lets leave his mustache out of this.

My hair? No. Too soon to talk about this one.

I don’t know why we honeymoonize everything. I looked at the wrong things when I thought going to work full-time was no big deal. As it turns out, I didn’t get to stop being a full-time wife or a full-time mom when I became a full-time teacher. Instead, I went from strict priorities to “if I could just find a minute to drink some water or exercise or snuggle my babies”.

This life is getting stupider by the nano second and I have no one to blame but myself.

I haven’t worked out in a month. I don’t have time.

It’s been weeks since I wrote in The Book. I don’t have time.

Bible reading? Here and there, but I am so tired I can’t convince my eyes to stay open at the same time.

Confession: I haven’t washed my sheets within this month. I know I need to. But, you guessed it. I don’t have time.

I want to be radical. I want to follow Jesus and mean it. I want to be willing to say ANYTHING when Jesus whispers “Shontell, I see you. What will you do for me?”

If I am tired, I want a life to be changed because of it.

If I am drained, I want salvation to be the cause.

A quote from Anything, ” from this point on things are changing. I am living for the moment when I will face you. I want to get to heaven out of breath, having willingly done anything that you -God of the universe-ask…anything.”

“Praise The Lord. Holy Crap”-Ellie Grace