A Thank You Letter to Katie Davis’s Parents

To The Parents of Ms. Katie Davis, 

We’ve never met, but I owe you so much. I just finished reading her book Kisses From Katie where in I welled up a time or two. What an amazing girl. 

As I watched her story unfold, I felt a privilege to read her words. Her compassion is gold. And it has little to do with her heart, and it has everything to do with her reach. In her willingness to say yes to whatever God asked, she is leaving a legacy. One, I think, began with you. 
She mentions you were more than hesitant. I get you. Totally get you. My daughter is leaving for college in a couple weeks. This mamma’s heart is a jumble of feels from excitement to depression. 
Reading this book on the front end of my daughter turning 18 and heading into her great big grown up story hit me hard. I couldn’t help my thoughts: 
Is my Isabelle the next Katie Davis?
Is it weird that they both feel called to Africa to work with the hurting? 
Can Izzy score me an autograph if she ever runs into Katie at the market? A stalker selfie? 

The answer to all of those questions is probably no, but it’s all beside the point. Because I’m changed. I’m a little different after reading Katie’s story. I’m challenged in my gut to not only love like Katie but to teach my kids to love this way. Right now. 
No waiting. 
No more wondering. 
No guess work. 
Just love. Thank you for doing this-teaching Katie to love so well. 
I don’t need my kids to be the next Katie Davis. Only Katie can be Katie. 
God is writing a story for each of my kids. Unique and crazy and audacious and beautiful. I’m just grateful that you loved well enough that now your girl gets to set a godly example for my little women. 

My daughter, The Squirrel, has started reading Katie’s book. She’s 11, and that seems a little young, but we know better. After all she was knit together in my womb by perfect hands. 
She’s been sent into a world and asked to lead in greatness. Not unlike your Katie Girl. The Squirrel can’t be the next Katie Davis. We are too focused on teaching her to love well and be the next Addison Noelle. And she’s rocking it. 

Thank you for leading in love and in a great example of raising kids on purpose.