A Little Fresh Air

Many things make me feel like I just got a dose of fresh air: A real conversation with someone at our new church, the promise of future conversations, the pastor promising me an interview FOR THE BOOK, God’s presence in worship, God’s presence in the teaching, and in fact, fresh air.
We got home from church and pulled everything edible out of our fridge. It was a quick process. We chowed down a weird smorgasbord of lunch, and then I announced, “I need some fresh air.” Only no one was around to hear me. So I told my husband I needed to get out of the house and promptly made a list of things I could do. I am not sure what his brain was thinking, but his face was saying, “Didn’t you just get IN the house? You were out. And then you came in. And now you want to go out….” His mouth said sure, and then he said something like, “Eli, come and watch this football game with me. What? Son, what are you doing? Stop sewing and watch this game with me.” Then he sighed inwardly. Poor guy.