A Giveaway: Because No Reason

Because Sunday was Easter and sunny and beautiful.

Because Monday brought us five inches of snow.

Because Tuesdays aren’t only for tacos.

Because there’s always room for coffee.

Because sometimes we need to be reminded that we have superhero powers hidden in our smiles.

Or maybe because I love you readers just so much it makes my heart wanna give.

I am giving away a coffee mug. For your coffee, tea, cereal, soup, or hot sauce holder.

Choose between these two:

To enter, simply leave me an answer to my question. Put your thinker on, it’s deep.

And sign up for emails over there on my sidebar, so I have a way of contacting you when you win.*

What’s your favorite snowed in or stuck in the house memory with your family?

Good Luck! Winner announce one week from today.

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