Ever have those weeks you feel you need to spend a Sunday night gearing up? That’s me. 

I already know I have to make play dough. But I also am scheduled to get my car in the shop. So grateful to have a back up vehicle. Carting seven kids around can get old pretty quickly. Errr. Back up. Did I say seven? 
Well yes I did. We have two extra teenage girls this week. I’m tempted to leave them pillow mints each night and never let them leave. “You know what that means? Jumbo party” 
Is there a bad time to quote Uncke Buck? I think no. 
I am on the hunt for a great salsa recipe for my Vitamix. But I’m not eating tortilla chips. My life is tricky. I’ve been using bell pepper wedges instead. Uh. Yum. 
I need a bathing suit top. I have the bottoms and even a skirt. The rest is arguably just as important. 
I also need to borrow my brother’s projector. I need to watch the sandlot in old school perfection: hang a sheet and dangle some licorice. 
Tuesday lake day is approaching. I forgot to clean out the cooler after last Tuesday’s trip. I don’t want to. It’s been too long. It’s like that time when Nevil Longbotttom told Ron he left the howler from his gran unopened. The minutes ticked by as more badness built up. 
Ok. I know what you’re saying. With the exception to the moldy howler cooler, this vacation has been goofy and great. 
Add three work schedules and two baseball games and I might just take off the my pants and call it a day.