I’ve decided I mostly want routine, and possibly its a lost cause. If I were a disney character I would stop and sing “Let it Go” loudly. But I’m not. In fact I find myself grasping harder for routine only to find more evidence of it slip between my fingers. 

I’ve got children, so routine is paramount and impossible. Their schedules only seem to get crazier as they get older. Ah the good ole days when that lady kept saying “enjoy them as babies. This is the easiest season.” 
First off, don’t say crap like this to mothers of babies. Sure, tell them to be in the moment. Tell them to take pictures, both physical and mental. Be emotionally available. Play the fool and dress up with your preschooler. But don’t act like what they are going through is less difficult than what is yet to come. 
Second of all. She was right. Just right.  I needed to be reminded of the fleeting seasons and how snuggling was second nature. She was right about all of it because she also said I would miss it so much. Darn you random lady with the motherly advice. 
I’ll be right back. I’m going to go be intentional.