31 Ways to Raise ‘Em Right: Do You Know Where Your Kid Is?

This one goes out to all of society, and moms, don’t throw rotten cabbage at me if this one hits close to home.

We live in a society that runs best on acceptable social norms. This means your kid is not welcome to stick his finger in my coffee. It means, when we are playing a board game at a coffee house, and you are enjoying your coffee, your sweet little angel may not decide he wants to play my board game after my coffee date asks him nicely to head on back tocoffee your table.

Then, when he doesn’t listen, and we look to you for a little hand here, and you pretend you don’t know what is happening, you don’t get to be surprised when I about face your peanut of a child and sweetly nudge him back over to you. Maybe if he would have just sat to watch, but he didn’t. He threw my board game pieces and then gave me a side glance right before h tore my play money in half.

I am reasonable. I am fine to talk to you about it. But you don’t seem ready for that, so I will simply say that I get it. I really, really get that those little kiddos can be a lot to take. I feel you when you have gotten to the point that it’s easier to pretend your child isn’t a bother to others the way he appears to you. But you’re going about it all wrong. Pretending your kid is not on his way to juvy will help no one. Instead, mamma, it’s time to grab that baby bull by the horns and start over.

Clean slate. Firm yet loving hand. Your kiddo’s current age is irrelevant. His new punishments can be doled out according to the age he is acting. Chances are it’s rather below their maturity level, but that’s ok. Go ahead and reintroduce him to the corner, or the close whisper, or a new boundary that says, “I am sorry you feel you have the lay of the land when we go in public. You don’t. You have lost the privilege to go ‘look at that thing’ because you have shown me you can’t handle it. Even if you are 11. You’ll need to sit with me or even hold onto my shopping cart if things get too crazy. I love you too much to let you keep being crazy town in public.”

You are a good mom. You just forgot that minions don’t control you. I am rooting for you. The whole of the Mom Squad is pulling for you. You can do this. Maybe also check out a copy of James Dobson’s The New Strong-Willed Child. It changed my life.

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