31 Ways to Raise ‘Em Right: You Be You

There are some things that honestly get a little old after you’ve heard them the better part of two decades. That’s how long I have been a parent. And that is how long we have heard people say crazy things. Things like “Don’t you know how this happens,” after they hear how many kids we have. Why is this the question? We OBVIOUSLY know how this happens. We are the ones doing it. It isn’t as if we do it and then drop our kids off on your doorstep. Have however many kids you want. I want two more. How do you like those apples?


As you parent, people are going to say insane things to you. Unless you opt to raise your kids in a basement (in this case you are the weirdo here) you are going to have weirdos speak at you with their face. I recommend you get your grace on and be prepared. Me? I’ll blog about those people. Like people who refer to me as “just a mom.” Or the “friends” who vaguely vent about me on Facebook, or my favorite, text me their opinion about my parenting. You can read about that one here.

I’ve watched it go too far. I’ve read texts that said, “I can’t believe you let your kid get a tattoo. That looks horrible.” And texts to said kid that read, “I am so disappointed in you.” Now, I don’t swear. I am saving it for my “old lady thing.”* But if you want to get me going, go ahead and insult my kid because you are offended by my parenting.

I took my daughter to get her first tattoo. It was her 18th birthday present from us. She designed it and researched the artists in town and made a well researched decision. Then we dropped her off at Bible college where she has discovered a little side business of designing tattoos for her classmates. What can I say? The girl needs money to wash her clothes.

Be encouraged my sweet friend. You are bound to face nay sayers. You are going to hear a solid handful or more things that are straight odd and you’ll be tempted to ask those people to please just stop talking. But that would be a mistake. Let their questions give you pause, but only long enough to solidify the truth that you are the best parent for your kid. God’s placed you here.

My friend Jami Amerine has been writing her own set of 31 things over in her neck of the woods. Today, we are pairing up like the big haired twins we were always meant to be.img_3839bw

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*You need an old lady thing, and I recommend you decide now what that will be. Swearing, stealing, knitting? Just decide early so you don’t forget.

2 thoughts on “31 Ways to Raise ‘Em Right: You Be You”

  1. I really like this article! There was a sentence in particular that i was like dang rigbt! Super inspiring and uplifting. A good read for any momma that has been doing her best and feeling like it isn’t enough!

    1. Sam,
      Thank you! I hope you feel like you are enough and that it’s ok to be a work in progress. God wouldn’t want us any other way.

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