31 Ways to Raise ‘Em Right: Tell Them They Are Old Enough

Good morning, Mammas! I love seeing you here everyday. This October 31 day blogging challenge has definitely been a challenge to keep up with, except not because I am so excited to hear form you and hear your hearts. Thank you to all of you who respond and email me. You’ve made me cry and laugh right out loud. Which is great because sometimes I say the letters “lol” right out loud, and it fully offends my children. So. Win win.

But today, I am not here to speak to you. So if you could hand your phone/computer/screen to your young colleger/teenager/tweener/young reader I would appreciate it.

Dear Kid, Yes, you. I need to tell you something you may have missed. I need you to understand a vital idea that you may have not heard either because no one told you, or you let it slide out of your ears because some outside source kept you from letting it in. Ready? Here it is.

You are already a missionary.

There is no age you need to wait to become to be a missionary. Do you know people? They are your mission field. Are you a student in a school? That is your mission field. Do you have a social media account? That is your ministry platform. Do you have siblings-older or younger? They are your mission field. Parents who aren’t believers? Mission field. Have neighbors? mission field. Ever walk into 7-11 or a frozen yogurt joint? I think you know I am about to say that the people here are your mission field.

You are already making a difference wherever you are. Wherever you go.

You are already a missionary.

You are a light.

God delights in you so much and has made you magnetic. You can start an Instagram account and have 600 followers by the end of the first day. Me? I’ve been building that community for years, and I don’t have anywhere near what you have. You have a gift of light that needs to be shared and shared well. Don’t take this lightly.

I know I am, like, way older than you. But I want you to know that I need you. I need you to step up into that role and start making the changes our world needs. Our world NEEDS you. Your gifts. Your talents. Your passions. Without them we are suffering. Without you standing in the calling God has for you, we hurt.

Other kids? They need you to step up and show them what it means to lead. To do. To make. To change.

I will talk to your parents about supporting you fully in that. I’ll ask them to create opportunities for you to go and do this thing. Whatever it is. Whatever you feel God pulling you toward, I will talk to your parents about the importance of giving you the support and encouragement to head that way. But you need to work it out.

272776You need to realize that you are already old enough. So put your toe in the water. Whatever that river looks like, you just put your toe in that water and watch God be miraculous in your life. Right here and right now. God put you here. Be brave and have the faith of a mustard seed.

Here are a few kids already doing this thing. This standing and world changing. I hope you are as inspired by them as I have been.

To help you stand a
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