31 Ways to Raise ‘Em Right: Teach Your Kids to Serve So They Know How to Lead

When we lead in love we don’t lead to be extraordinary. We lead to be extra- ordinary. Big difference with that tiny hyphen.

I am definitely a visionary. I see really far ahead and only then can I pull back and look at the smaller steps it will take to get us there. Maybe you are a “takimage-1-2e one thing at a time girl trusting eventually you’ll land at that perfect spot” sort of person. Or maybe you are a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of girl. However we approach #goalz one thing has to be aligned: our motivation.

I’m not proposing we set the alarm for 4 aye em to pour out into our community, neighbors, and our families. I would never. Because. 4 am? Gross. I AM suggesting we look at the smaller picture as we lead in love.

I want to lead in giving rides even when it’s inconvenient. In changing a tire. Babysitting for free and making it easy to do so. Making someone feel like they should owe you SO much because you are doing them this great favor isn’t loving well. Just say yes. Just say, “Come on over.”

I want to lead by stopping and praying right then, not merely promising to do it later. Hand them water. Offer them my couch. That empty bed.

I want to lead in kind words to my spouse and genuine minutes with our kids.

I want to feed my entire community tacos just so they know they have a safe place on Tuesdays and its name is my backyard.

I want to lead in honoring wishes and keeping my word. Honor my pastor by living like the Holy Spirit lives in me and not just him.

Lead well my friends. Lead in love with Jesus’s words and build up those around you by serving. No successful leader gets away without serving first. Serving most. I had a boss this one time who really loved to quote leadership books. Really great and insightful words that made me want to go right out and follow that writer, not my boss. Why? He never served. Love was never at his forefront, so when he looked behind him to see who he was leading, he realized no one was following.

Let’s lead small together. Let’s start today. Let’s start a ripple effect so subtle our children won’t understand why they hold doors and say please and clean up garbage in the walkway. Because that is why we are here right? I am ready.

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