31 Ways to Raise ‘Em Right: Stop Competing With Other Women

It’s time to stop seeing other moms as competition. Parenting may be a long and arduous race, but it is not a competition. The sooner we learn that the sooner we can get back to paying attention to what really matters.

image-1-6We are communal whether we know it or not. We can try, but raising our kids on our own just takes a difficult job and makes it impossible. We NEED each other. We have to have others. Those of you that have teenagers don’t even need to be convinced of this. Because you have had this conversation just like me.


Kid: I have decided to get taller.

Me: Taller? Is that something you can change?

Kid: YOU’RE STIFLING ME?!! DSKLJ78*&*^$(Y(*SDNFJDF ::trudges off with sad shoulders::

Me mumbling: uh… Ok. Well go ahead and give it a try. I’ll just get these dishes finished and keep my back to you so I can make the “you’re crazy” face and you can’t see it.

A lady you all know and trust: Taller? You silly head. You can’t get taller. Is that something you can change?

Kid: Wow. I’ve never thought of it like that.

Then you and the lady you know and trust do the secret handshake behind your kid’s back because you know you will repay her when it’s her kid. Which is probably just around the corner.

Ladies, please stop focusing on how your child seems to like other adults better. There is probably very little truth to this. In actuality you are the right mom, the safe mom, the solid mom. You are the mom that will be there and is parenting on purpose not willing to let a day go by that doesn’t include a heavy dose of “I love you” proof and “nice try sucker- I see right through you.” Your kids may pretend to hate that, but I promise your boundaries are code word for safety.

That cool mom over there only seems so cool because they aren’t you. And since you can’t change that, just continue to be available and instead, say thank you to that other lady. The one who offers to take your daughter to coffee or take the boys to the park. The one who prays for and with your child. The one who reminds your kid to speak respectfully about you at all times. The one who points your child back to Jesus when they seem to be on the fence.

These women are your teammates. Next time you see them slap them a high five or maybe drop them a quick note of encouragement. Then be on the lookout for those girls who look to you the way your kiddos look to those other mammas. Because like Troy Bolton, we are all in this together.

Cue High School Musical them song.

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