31 Ways to Raise ‘Em Right: Show Them Their Village

Kids flock to kids and moms find friends. That’s sort of how it works all the time. Little kids make their way up the slide before they realize they aren’t ready for the descent, and some sweet pants big boy steps in and offers a hand. “Here, Buddy. I will help you down.” Then BAM. Moms are best friends. Or something like that. And you know what happened? That big boy found his village.

We can’t do it all, mammas. We just can’t. Sometimes all we can do is sit on a park bench or share our couch and a mug of something hot while our children run amok. It’s what we want and it’s what they want, so it’s really a win win for everyone. The only way this works is if we teach our kids their role in this little village.

img_3467We say things like, “take our little guests into the back yard to play, but check that the side gates are closed.” And, “Go ask their mamma if you can share some crackers with them. You never feed someone else’s little kid without a mamma’s permission.” You remind them to sit together to have suckers and pick a game their little friend wants to play, and maybe even let them win. (full disclosure, I never let little kids win games. I lose often, and it’s genuine.) You teach your kids to love on your friends’ littles.

Those mammas will adore your kids. They will feel blessed and refreshed. The best way to help your kiddo mature into real life discipleship is to give them those opportunities to live it. Teach them to play and pray and set an example for the kids who are younger than them. Your kids learn to be mammas and daddies themselves!

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