31 Ways to Raise ‘Em Right: It’s Coming on the Weekend

It’s my party and I’ll give you presents if I want to! We are a week in, and I have a bucket full of names in the running for all of my birthday presents. Yes, you heard me. I am giving you all my presents. In case you missed any of the links, here they are again.

Give Your Child the World

Free Coffee

And, because this is the most wonderful time of the year with the pumpkin, and the pumpkin, and all the pumpkin, I’ve got another chance for you to win. And this one is just a freebie for everyone. A party gift if you will. Plus, this one makes you cute or helps your early bird Christmas shopping kick off with a bang!. And it’s exclusive to you, my birthdimg_2855ay party guests!

Do you remember this dress? I can’t go anywhere in it without someone stopping me to say how cute that guy is. Simply Bliss Boutique is quickly becoming my favorite online shopping spot. And not just because their clothes are so cute, but because they are dedicated to helping me look sassy AND appropriate.

Ever try to shop for your age group AND style but feel you are left with irreconcilable differences? Dear designers of the modern clothing, I’ve had babies. A LOT of babies. That waist line you are offering me mocks my muffin top. The dresses you peddle are see through, and I am not sure if you have tried to buy a slip within the decade, but it’s nearly impossible. Also, I’ll need to bend. It’s going to happen. We are ALL going to bend over at some point in the day, and I need the goods stored beneath my clothing to stay hidden. It’s the least of my community services.

Dear Simply Bliss Boutique, thank YOU for solving my woes. Your clothes make me swoony. You’ve helped me re-coin what it means to “dress like a teacher.” You’ve given me my sass back, and, well, that’s the gift that keeps on giving.

SO, dear readers, here is what I have to offer this day. A discount exclusive to only my readers.

Enjoy $10 off your $50 purchase when you use the code NONSENSE10 and get $5 off your $30 purchase with the code NONSENSE5. Easy enough.

Happy Shopping, friends!

Thanks for being here to celebrate my birthday month! #shes40 I am posting everyday of October for the 31 day blogging challenge and giving you all the presents! Share a post on Facebook, and your name gets entered in to the mix for a prize- you won’t want to miss these! Share one post, you get entered into the drawing once. Share each of the 31 days, and you have 31 chances to win one of many goodies. Be sure to tag me in the post, so your entry does’t get lost in the algorithm vortex.

See you tomorrow,