31 Ways to Raise ‘Em Right: Friday Flashback and Frenzy

So, some really fun things are in the works around here with the whole trying to get published and putting myself out there in the land of insecurity. I have several interviews scheduled to be on podcasts. How exciting is that!!? I have already done one, and I have two more on the books. Talk about nervous making!

That if I sound like a total maroon? I am always sticking my foot in my mouth and getting myself in trouble. Well, now you better listen indownsized_1009091446. These things can go any direction.

I am also booking speaking engagements. Just added another one to the calendar that is especially fun. I get to lead middle and high sc
hool chapel at Excel Christian School in Sparks. It’s all a frenzy, but a really fun one.

I am including the links to all the giveaway opportunities just in case you missed anything. You aren’t going to want to get passed over for my birthday presents. Let me share with you. YOU sharing my posts on Facebook is present enough for me! Really, it’s the greatest present you can give me right now, because when you are trying to build your tribe, there is only so much you can do on your own. So here they all are in one little place. All the giveaways for the month of October.

Let’s get this 31 day challenge started

Free Coffee?

The Good The Bad The Real Moms to get your day started a little more smoothly.

The Faith of A Mustard Seed. 

To complete this Friday Flashback I dedicate this picture. She’s got a pretty good idea about of what it feels like when your team loses. So this little sad football player would like you to know, she’s got our back. Solidarity, Sister. Don’t worry. The Cubs will win the World Series and all that crazy the Dodgers and Giants were doing will be like dust in the wind.

Thanks for being here to celebrate my birthday month! #shes40 I am posting everyday of October for the 31 day blogging challenge and giving you all the presents! Share a post on Facebook, and your name gets entered in to the mix for a prize- you won’t want to miss these! Share one post, you get entered into the drawing once. Share each of the 31 days, and you have 31 chances to win one of many goodies. Be sure to tag me in the post, so your entry does’t get lost in the algorithm vortex. Some affiliate links may be used.

See you tomorrow,