31 Ways to Raise ‘Em Right: Don’t Be the First One To Stop

Hugging, Chatting, snuggling, etc. When our kids lean in (and this applies to every age from teeny tfullsizerender-3o adult) don’t be the one to lean out first if you don’t absolutely have to.

Start this young.There’s no such thing as snuggling too much or loving too much. If your baby wants to be held, and you want to hold your baby, do it. If you have to say no to mom’s night out because your kid wants to snuggle, and you want to snuggle back, then do it. These times are your shining moments.

You know what happens when your 4 year old believes you will drop everything to hug when they need it? Your 14 year old will believe it, too. Even better? As your kids grow they feel the security of your relationship.

Raise your hand if you have ever dropped your child off at school or the nursery at church and they look at you like they are positive you’ve packed your bags and you’re headed to Mexico for the weekend. Those little eyes staring deep in your soul saying, “How could you?” I have sure been in that spot. Once I think I even heard one mumble, “Traitor.”

They will have a lot less doubt when they have a history of long lasting hugging behind them. So, hug it up. Lean in until your little (or big) one has soaked up what they came for. You’ll never regret it.fullsizerender-2

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