31 Ways to Raise ‘Em Right: Birthday Eve

image-1-14We interrupt this regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you a glimpse into turning 40.

I’ve been told to expect:

boobs slightly lower than yesterday.

more grey hairs. Like a crazy amount all of a sudden. Overnight.

my middle to rebel and refuse to take on the sit-ups I do and refuse to let go of the junk food I eat, even if said junk food meant sucking on a tic tac.

wrinkles. Everywhere.

And just an overall looseness. Did you hear me? looseness.

I have come to realize I have actually been 40 for at least a decade. Seriously. All of this has already happened. So now I am terrified. Because what if I only thought it was happening, but really, compared to what is going to show up on Monday, this has all been a breeze? It’s all really been. unloose? Insert emoji here. Which one doesn’t matter. They probably ALL work right here.

I am excited to have made it this far in life. I am very in love with the people God has blessed me with. I could never quantify what it’s meant making relationships with all of you. Especially when we meet for a smooth 90 minutes, most of it spent with me giving a speech or speed friend dating. And we decide it’s irrelevant that we live in different states-we need to have coffee together and text regularly. When it makes sense, it just makes sense.

On this birthday eve, I am putting my foot down. I am deciding to choose to look at all of you. At all the good. At all the blessing. At the reconnection I have had with long ago friends and with total strangers who I am now ready to share my prayer journal with because it just makes sense.

I am going to look up. I am creating an endless paper chain in my brain of every miracle God has given me or let me be part of.

Looseness, I see you. I hear you. And I call your bluff. I am focusing on tacos and coffee and Jesus and a husband that still likes to smack my butt when I walk by. We win. Let’s do this, 40.

I am so grateful you all are here to share in this. Thank you to all of you who have shared over this past month. What a treat leading up to such a milestone in my life. If you missed any of the giveaways, here are a few. Don’t miss out. Let me give you all my birthday presents.

Day 1




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