31 Ways to Raise ‘Em Right: Be Traditional

img_3496It’s Christmas. OK FINE it isn’t, but when you celebrate your birthday for a month and give away presents you start to feel like Santa. Also because I listened to a podcast that bossed me (or merely told me) into making this candy corn, chocolate,and peanuts concoction that I can’t stop eating. So. Santa.

Anyway, I have something for you. I met a friend named Natalie, and she showed me this really fantastic product that is one part vintage and one part adorable. Natalie created an interactive nativity scene that helps us keep our focus on the story of Jesus throughout the Christmas season.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the crazy hullaballoo of the holidays. This product is a daily reminder of what we are celebrating.

It’s called The Christmas Star From Afar, and we are offering one to you. One winner will receive one free item from the shop! Seriously. The wood carvings, the stable, and there is even a story book. They have it in English, Spaimg_3696nish, and even a slightly browner version (to look more like my middle eastern family). She also made a box of cards with a different scripture to read each day.

This will be the best Advent you have ever celebrated. Your kids will love it. We usually move our Mary and Joseph around the house each day of December to show them getting closer and closer to the stable. This set has the Christmas Star included! That’s going to be our new landmark.
Another way to play is to hide the star each night for the kids to find. When the kids find the star, they get to move the wise men to that spot! Start these traditions young, but believe me when I say even teenagers love traditions like this. Just follow the star!

img_3698Check out her website, and join in on our birthday Christmas in October party by sharing this post on Facebook. Yes. This is a made up holiday.

With 9 weeks until Christmas, maybe you should just order a few of these to send out to family. That would be shopping done and done! We are giving ours to our kids on Thanksgiving! If you don’t want to risk it, you can purchase anything from her website at a 10% discount for the next five days. Yep! Five big ones, so get a move on. Use our exclusive coupon code NONSENSE10 to get your 10% off! I hope you love it as much as we do. Merry Christmas Birthday Halloween. Or something like that.

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