31 Ways to Raise ‘Em Right: A recap

So many of you are new to my tribe. It’s a shame really, because there are some things you really should know about me. Here is a freebie. I like to count in threes with the headings 1, 2, and D. I once had an editor asks me to correct it until I let her know I was quoting Home Alone. She didn’t know me yet. It’s better now. “Buzz, your girlfriend. Wolf.”

Anyway. Here are a slew of flashbacks for your Sunday. It’s like the Sunday Funnies but my real life.

The one when we had to rent the house. Because of poop.

The one that scarred me for life and why I still don’t bring children to the grocery store.

The one where Addison accused me IN PUBLIC of kidnapping her and being naked in my car.

The one where Eli knew too much about marriage and our dog, Moby Richard 

The one where the whole of the lake visitors heard the explicit song my kids made up about me fishing.

The one where Sam called me pretty and it sounded remarkably like a different word.

Enjoy these Sunday Funnies, friends.

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