My list of things that will change in the coming year seems so much smaller than usual. One year, The man and I rattled on for hours of all the things that would happen. I guess the only thing I can figure is I am focused. This year marks the beginning and end of a few major events.
This year

I will graduate AGAIN, but this time I will be a master. (If I only had a wand!!)

My husband will become a paramedic/firefighter

My husband will either lose his job, or he will keep it. Either way that’s a big deal.

My children will all become school aged children. My baby will turn five.

That means he will start kindergarten.

We will be involved in some capacity in a mission trip to Africa.

My daughter will become a teenager. A real one. Sigh. I am not ready for this.

The Squirrel will get her two front teeth.

and, I will run a half-marathon (and by run, I mean ride the pony called the sag wagon over the finish line.) Please, call me Forrest.

What have you got planned for this year? Make it a good one.