15 Years of That Man O’Mine

Today, March 23, is our 15th wedding anniversary. We are celebrating with him in the Oakland airport flying home from Seattle the round about way and me on my bed homeschooling children. To make everything better, I bought a shirt that reads I HEART MY HUBBY. All is right with the world again. Or, it will be as soon as he gets here to see that I am an athletic supporter.

Additionally, I have compiled a list of things I like about that guy.

1. He is hot. Seriously. Not many girls can say that about their husbands after nearly two decades of being together.
2. He loves me for me. He doesn’t care if I have hay-stack hair, make-up under my eyes from two days ago, or mismatched socks. He loves me.
3. He is an amazing father. He lets my kids crawl all over him, he sets an example of what a man ought to be, and he reminds them to be respectful to their mother. Because of who he chooses to be, my girls will know what it means to be loved properly, and my boys will know how to love their wives.
4. He will watch Twilight with me. It has less to do with the movie than the fact that he will watch a chickish flick with me without griping.
5. He will eat leftover chicken wings in bed with me. That may sound like a euphemism, but I mean it in the most literal sense.
6. He will eat leftover chicken wings in bed with me. I know that sounds delicious, but this time I mean it as a euphemism. Please don’t ask me to explain; I couldn’t even if I knew what it meant.
7. He works. Over the past thirteen years of being parents, he has been willing to work three jobs and do anything in his power to make it so I can stay home with my kids. Again, this is something many girls cannot say about their men. Take a word of advice boys. Hardworking men are a turn on.
8. He is an athletic supporter. He encourages me to take care of myself, finish school, and chase after my dreams. And he doesn’t do any of these things because of what he will get in return. He just supports.
9. He can cook. True this wasn’t always something he knew he could do, but I completely appreciate this new found talent. Especially when it is the form of garlic bread.
10. He misses me when I am gone. Maybe a lot of boys miss their girls, but he tells me. It only makes a difference when you know.